Our Services

At NT Property Services we offer a range of professional services and reports.  Pre purchase property inspections are designed to assist you to make informed decisions about the property you are considering buying. When conducting inspections and preparing reports we are acting on your behalf and provide you with independent and objective advice about the status and or condition of the property.

We also conduct inspections for vendors in readiness for their upcoming sale.  Having a report completed for the sale enables potential purchasers to have access to detailed information about the compliance of the property to help them make an informed decision.

Standards Australia has designed a standard to ensure the quality and consistency of pre-purchase property inspections.  It is recommended that property inspections should be conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard 4349.1-1995. Our descriptions of our reports are based on this Australian Standard.

Building Status Reports 

Building Status Reports are compliance checks, which incude a Building Advisory Service File review and site inspection and report to identify any inconsistencies with the approved drawings any unapproved works and or incomplete building approvals for the property.

Building condtions reports (including building Status)

A condition report is a visual inspection based on the Australian Standard, it includes the status report above and is a more comprehensive inspection and report on the condition of the proeprty.

The report is intended to identify and report on the condition of the property relative to its age, noting significant building defects and or maintenance issues that will need to be monitored or addressed to maintain the home in serviable condition.

Handover Inspection

A handover inspection is a visual inspection of a new property prior to handover to identify any construction faults or defects. The bench mark for these reports is the Draft Standards and Tolerences guilde currently being developed by the Building Advisory Service.

Energy Efficency Reports and advice on existing homes

With the cost of energy rising dramatically more and more people are seeking information on the thermal performance of their home so they can make informed choices and reduce their costs for cooling their home.  The report uses sophisticated Software developed in conjunction with the CSIRO to model the bulding taking into consideration the type of building materials the location, solar exposure and cross flow ventialtion, orientation of the home, colours number and sizes of the ceiling fans and shading to the home by neighbours and approved structures. The home is rated using the National Home Energy Rating Scheme software and protocols to provide comparable data with other homes on the market.  Ray Fogolyan is also an Thermal Performance Assessor who can perform a rating for your house.  Talk with Ray if you require any further information.