Frequently asked questions

Unapproved Works

All wind loaded structures of more than 1 metre in height are subject to building approval. Any work (new structures or alterations to existing approved works) carried out without building approval or incomplete building approval is considered unapproved work

Exired Permit 

Building permits are current for two years with the potential to obtain an extension for another year to complete the works and have them approved. Where no Certificate of Occupancy has been issued during that permit, it will expire and will be listed on the Building Advisory service database as an expired permit.

Sometimes if the works were completed while the permit was current a Cerficate of Occupancy can still be issued. If the permit is very old and was issued by the Building Advisory Service a building certifier can be engaged to make a recomendation that the Certificate of Occupancy is issued if the works are consistent with the details of the original permit.

Reserved Permit

When works are planned and the owner has applied to a Building Certifier for a Building permit the Certifier contacts the Building Advisory Service to reserve a permit so that the permits are numbered sequentially and two permits are not issued with the same number. If the works do not proceed a note may remain on the Buliding advisory service file and show up on a printed report that can be obtained for that property.

Approved work

When a building permit has been issued and the works have been completed and the Certifer has inspected and signed off the work as complete, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued, Over the years the title of these Certificates have changed they may be called:

  • Certficate of Completion
  • Certificate of Occupancy 
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Permit to Occupy

Section 40 Certificates of Compliance are Certificate issued by the Engineer to note the design complys with cycolone requirements.It is one of the many documents the Building certifier or Building Surveyor collect in the certification process.